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Promode Kant


UNEP International Expert Workshop on the Emerging issues in Climate Change Dec 28-29, 2009

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FAO Working Paper 7, 2010. Forests and Climate Change in Asia Pacific Reigon

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IUFRO Post Symposium Training Workshop on Working Effectively at the Interface of Forest Science and Forest Policy, Feb, 13- 14, 2011
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Forest Carbon Management in India: A Framework of Policies and trade strategies, by Dr Promode Kant, published by LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, 2011

Dr Promode Kant

Dr Promode Kant
Institute of Green Economy

Pushing REDD+ out of its Paralysing Inertia :Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-27:2013>>Forest Transitions across Ages and Continents: Implications for REDD : 18/01/2013>> Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-26:2011>>The Critical Importance of Forest Carbon Sink in the Green Economy of the Hindu Kush-Himalayan Mountain Systems:09/09/2011>>DownloadPDF

Working Paper IGREC-25:2011>> Impact of Border Carbon Adjustment and of Restrictions on non - certified 
Timber on International Commerce in Wood Products:29/08/2011>>DownloadPDF
Working Paper IGREC-24:2011>> Adapting to Climate Change: Conserving Rice Biodiversity of the Apatani Tribe in North East India: 14/07/2011 >> Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-23: 2011 >> Easing the Additionality Trap in CDM Forestry Projects : 01/07/2011 >> Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-22: 2011 >> Going Beyond Jatropha: Can an Expanded Land and Feedstock Base Help India Meet its Ambitious Biodiesel Target? : 25/06/2011 >> Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-21: 2011 >> A Model for Optimizing Site Selection for Biomass Energy Systems in the Himalayas: 27/05/2011 >> Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-20: 2011 >> REDD in Afghanistan: Empowering Women and Increasing Access to Energy: 23/03/2011 >> Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-19: 2011 >> The REDD Safegaurds of Cancun: 14/03/2011 >> DownloadPDF 
Working Paper IGREC-18: 2011 >> Cancun Technology Breakthrouh Hides a Fatal Flaw Within: 8/01/2011>> Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-17: 2010 >> Avoiding Possible Misuse of FPIC in REDD: 6/12/2010>> Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-16: 2010 >> Taking CDM beyond China and India: 23/11/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-15: 2010>>Accessing Money For REDD: Public Funding or Market Finance?: 16/11/2010 >>DownloadPDF
Working Paper IGREC-14: 2010>>Managing the High Risk of Inter-Tribe Violence over Sharing REDD Benefits:11/11/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-13: 2010>> REDD Should Create Jobs,Not Merely Bring Compensation:30/09/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-12: 2010>> Making CDM Forestry Projects Attractive for Communities:30/09/2010 >>DownloadPDF
Working Paper IGREC-11: 2010 >> Could Agave be the Species of Choice for Climate Change Mitigation?:13/09/2010 >>DownloadPDF
Working Paper IGREC-10: 2010>> Do Forests Provide Mitigation Benefits Twice Over?20/08/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-09: 2010>>REDD: Stepping Aside Permanence and Impermanence02/08/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-08: 2010>>Time now for taking Adaptation Seriously 26/07/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-07: 2010 >> Should bamboos and palms be included in CDM forestry projects? 12/07/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-06: 2010 >> Is coercion necessary for mitigating climate change? :06/07/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-05: 2010 >>The Witch Hunt of Little Ice Age: 24/06/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-04: 2010 >> Transferring REDD Funds to the Forest Communities :-18/06/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-03: 2010>> Hot Air from a Crumbling Kyoto: 10/06/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-02: 2010>> Will the Sino-Indian Climate Alliance Hold?: 03/06/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-01: 2010>>A Fresh Look at REDD: 27/05/2010  >>Download PDF