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Promode Kant


by Promode Kant

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UNEP International Expert Workshop on the Emerging issues in Climate Change Dec 28-29, 2009

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FAO Working Paper 7, 2010. Forests and Climate Change in Asia Pacific Reigon

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IUFRO Post Symposium Training Workshop on Working Effectively at the Interface of Forest Science and Forest Policy, Feb, 13- 14, 2011
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Forest Carbon Management in India: A Framework of Policies and trade strategies, by Dr Promode Kant, published by LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, 2011

Dr Promode Kant

Dr Promode Kant
Institute of Green Economy

IGREC WORKING PAPER IGREC-29:2014>>:Rapidly Expanding Domestic Carbon Markets can help Attract Investment in REDDDownload PDF
Pushing REDD+ out of its Paralysing Inertia :Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-27:2013>>
Forest Transitions across Ages and Continents: Implications for REDD : 18/01/2013>> Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-26:2011>>The Critical Importance of Forest Carbon Sink in the Green Economy of the Hindu Kush-Himalayan Mountain Systems:09/09/2011>>DownloadPDF

Working Paper IGREC-25:2011>> Impact of Border Carbon Adjustment and of Restrictions on non - certified 
Timber on International Commerce in Wood Products:29/08/2011>>DownloadPDF
Working Paper IGREC-24:2011>> Adapting to Climate Change: Conserving Rice Biodiversity of the Apatani Tribe in North East India: 14/07/2011 >> Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-23: 2011 >> Easing the Additionality Trap in CDM Forestry Projects : 01/07/2011 >> Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-22: 2011 >> Going Beyond Jatropha: Can an Expanded Land and Feedstock Base Help India Meet its Ambitious Biodiesel Target? : 25/06/2011 >> Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-21: 2011 >> A Model for Optimizing Site Selection for Biomass Energy Systems in the Himalayas: 27/05/2011 >> Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-20: 2011 >> REDD in Afghanistan: Empowering Women and Increasing Access to Energy: 23/03/2011 >> Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-19: 2011 >> The REDD Safegaurds of Cancun: 14/03/2011 >> DownloadPDF 
Working Paper IGREC-18: 2011 >> Cancun Technology Breakthrouh Hides a Fatal Flaw Within: 8/01/2011>> Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-17: 2010 >> Avoiding Possible Misuse of FPIC in REDD: 6/12/2010>> Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-16: 2010 >> Taking CDM beyond China and India: 23/11/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-15: 2010>>Accessing Money For REDD: Public Funding or Market Finance?: 16/11/2010 >>DownloadPDF
Working Paper IGREC-14: 2010>>Managing the High Risk of Inter-Tribe Violence over Sharing REDD Benefits:11/11/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-13: 2010>> REDD Should Create Jobs,Not Merely Bring Compensation:30/09/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-12: 2010>> Making CDM Forestry Projects Attractive for Communities:30/09/2010 >>DownloadPDF
Working Paper IGREC-11: 2010 >> Could Agave be the Species of Choice for Climate Change Mitigation?:13/09/2010 >>DownloadPDF
Working Paper IGREC-10: 2010>> Do Forests Provide Mitigation Benefits Twice Over?20/08/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-09: 2010>>REDD: Stepping Aside Permanence and Impermanence02/08/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-08: 2010>>Time now for taking Adaptation Seriously 26/07/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-07: 2010 >> Should bamboos and palms be included in CDM forestry projects? 12/07/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-06: 2010 >> Is coercion necessary for mitigating climate change? :06/07/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-05: 2010 >>The Witch Hunt of Little Ice Age: 24/06/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-04: 2010 >> Transferring REDD Funds to the Forest Communities :-18/06/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-03: 2010>> Hot Air from a Crumbling Kyoto: 10/06/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-02: 2010>> Will the Sino-Indian Climate Alliance Hold?: 03/06/2010 >>Download PDF
Working Paper IGREC-01: 2010>>A Fresh Look at REDD: 27/05/2010  >>Download PDF